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Is this an actual fragrance?

- Yes. It’s anything but perfect – but real. Just like you, me and the world.

Is it wearable?

- Like nature still is enjoyable, so is this fragrance. Something is just a bit off.

Is this fragrance for men or women?

- Is nature for men or women? It’s for both, stupid.

Why would I wear a fragrance with a touch of petroleum?

- To remind yourself and people sniffing you we should take care of our environment. Leave your car at home and bike to work for a start.

Does the fragrance contain actual petroleum?

- No, so don’t even think about filling your car with it (the car you’ll get rid of soon, anyway). The fragrance only contains fragrance oils, essential oils, and IPM.

What about alcohol?

- Like many other alcohol-free fragrances, we are using IPM as a replacement. It’s odorless, but helps to delay evaporation on the skin. If you prefer the stench of alcohol, consider your local pub.


Where do you ship?

- For now, we ship to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and USA. Get in touch if you’d like us to send to your country.